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Believing, Doing, Giving...A little extra

Lagniappe Center

The Lagniappe* Center is an employment skills and community development initiative whose mission is to mobilize children out of poverty by surrounding low-income parents with a transformative, vocational community. At Lagniappe, this means that a trainee is paid $18.50/hr while she or he learns several different skill sets from volunteers and professionals. In our paid-to-learn model 60% of participants’ paid full-time workweek is spent in direct manufacturing and acquiring hard skills and 40% is invested in individualized, supportive programming that will help make the participant more independent and stable in the long-term. This results in job offers for full-time, benefitted employment at which point trainees leave our program for their new career.

*pronounced "lan-yap", a term popular in the New Orleans region, meaning “a little extra" or "an unexpected gift"

Sponsor a Belonging Bag for Local Foster Children

Lagniappe trainees create attractive, sturdy canvas bags to assist the Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange in their aim to ensure that no child entering foster care carries their belongings in a trash bag. When you sponsor a Belonging Bag, Lagniappe trainees create and give these bags to the SFPE team who fills it with what kids need.

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Sponsor a Pet Bed
for a Local Shelter

When you sponsor a pet bed, you finance the professional training & development of a Lagniappe parent AND help our local pet shelter.


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