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Apply now!

Lagniappe is currently accepting applications! Please use the Referral Form below to apply.

People eligible for the Lagniappe Center Program:

  • are parents/guardians of minor children AND

  • currently qualify for SNAP benefits (or have in the last 12 months).

The Lagniappe Center is a non-profit ministry currently housed at Grace Anglican Church in Sheridan, WY. It is a leadership and job-skills development initiative designed to equip low-income parents for living wage employment through a commercial sewing training center facilitated by volunteers. The program includes significant time spent in mentorship and identifying areas to assist in a trainee's long-term stability and employability, such as resume building, financial literacy, cooking & nutrition, parenting, professional individual/family counseling, spiritual formation, etc. This program pays a living wage during training and is a 33-35 hour/wk commitment, with the end goal of obtaining living-wage employment elsewhere.

If you have career goals but are unable to afford the additional training to reach them, this program may be for you.  

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